Company Profile

Aria Group is a property development and investment group focusing on the commercial and residential sectors in the UK with presence in global markets. It is owned and operated by the Kassam family with origins in India and East Africa. The entrepreneurial spirit of the family’s forefathers that immigrated from the Indian subcontinent in dhows sailing with the monsoon winds to trade in Africa has progressed into Europe by the fifth generation of the Kassam family.

In the last 40 years, Aria Group has set up various pharmaceutical, construction and real estate businesses in Europe, Asia and Africa.

One of its manufacturing businesses, Rima Pharmaceuticals Ltd., was acquired by Ranbaxy BV, an Indian quoted company. It also acquired Rusco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. from Booker, a UK quoted company, which was later sold to LPC Ltd. This company manufactured over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for the likes of ASDA, Boots, Superdrug amongst others.

We have a highly experienced core team with diverse skill sets that give us the ability to undertake projects of any magnitude and complexity.